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Thank you for visiting my website. All of the images offered here reflect my life long relationship with photography a Journey of Light and Color. As you can see by the extensive subject matter of the galleries my interests are wide and varied. All of the images reflect my simple philosophy that I follow when photographing: I try to show others what fascinates me in the natural world. I want others to see what I see. I love how light enhances color, plays on objects, highlights textures and punctuates patterns. While I am enchanted by the natural world, I also have an affinity for the beauty we humans are capable of creating. An ancient door, a weathered wall, a plowed field in the right light can be breathtaking.

I work almost exclusively with color because that is what we see, what we experience. Images of far distant places or of our own backyard are testament to the beauty that surrounds us, that is everywhere.

Galleries include a number of our national parks: Acadia, Rocky Mountain, Denali, Lake Clarke, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Capital Reef just to name a few. The galleries also include places where other iconic images abound: Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, White Pocket, the Maroon Belles, Garden of the Gods. Closer to my home is Adirondack Park all six million acres of it! The Mohawk Valley of Central New York and New England are also featured. There is a gallery devoted to wildlife. In addition, frequent travel abroad to countries such as France, Italy, Iceland and China have provided ample opportunities to capture unique images of those different, distant very beautiful places.

I hope you take the time to view my photographs and that they stir your emotions and motivate you to look at your world and all of its beauty.